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Manual and repetitive tasks can be completed with the click of a button, turn hours worth of work into seconds.

Solving Problems

Have you hit a wall with your spreadsheet? We can examine your problem and create the best solution, tailored to your business needs. Take yourself and your spreadsheet to the next level.

Making Intricate Processes Simple

We can build you a simpler and good-looking spreadsheet. Allowing you to sift through large amounts of data with ease and perform detailed analysis automatically.

As soon as we have received your request for a free quote, a member of our Excel Consulting Solutions team will be in contact to discuss your needs in more detail. At Excel & Master we are all highly experienced Microsoft Excel Consultants and VBA developers. Regardless if you need a custom Excel spreadsheet or automation of your process in Excel. Our team of expert programmers can definitely provide the innovative and effient solutions, tailored to you. See some examples of our work below.


Automated Email Sending

Need to send out the same email over and over again? Did you know that you can send out mass emails in a matter of seconds.

A recent client was bored of sending emails out repeatedly, a process that was taking approximately 3 hours a week. They could not send one big email as it had to include information specific to each client. They contacted Excel & Master and our team of Excel VBA developers got to work on a bespoke macro. We built them an automated email sender, capable of doing this in seconds all while maintaining 100% accuracy.

Here is an example of this application, watch the video below to see it performed against sending emails manually. In this example, 30 emails were sent out and this took 16 minutes 39 seconds. Our automated solution sent the same emails in just 2.5 seconds, less than the time taken to send one email manually. Imagine what you could do with that saved time.

Automated Collation of Spreadsheets

Collating spreadsheets together can be a nightmare, especially when you have a few to process on multiple different occasions. Not only is it time consuming and you could be doing more important things, it’s also really easy to make mistakes. How easy is it to forget which spreadsheet you just processed? Which number you just added together? Did you already update that cell or was it a different one?

We helped a client to automate this exact task where they were collating 10 spreadsheets, each with 5 sheets, together into one master spreadsheet. This was a process that was very labour intensive and is prone to human error. After developing a solution in VBA, we created our client a single button that allowed them to select the spreadsheets they wanted to import and complete the task in less than 30 seconds.

Automated Extraction of Information from Word

It is quite likely that as part of your business processes, you will end up with the same information stored in different places for different purposes. Most of the time, copy and paste just won't cut it and there is a tedious amount of tidying up and reformatting.

Our team of VBA developers built a solution, in the form of a macro, that made this process super quick and effective. They managed to say goodbye to all the copying, unmerging cells and formatting. Now it really is as simple as pressing a button and selecting the document you want to import. The hardest part is waiting for a couple of seconds while it loads.

Automated Report Creation

Once you have your data nicely organised in your spreadsheet, you will want to filter it and analyse your information. You could use the built in filter features but this would take time and you would have to manually copy and paste your results to a new sheet.

This is a perfect example of a manual and repetitive process that we love to automate using VBA. Our VBA developers built a create report feature, in the form of an Excel macro, for our client's trading journal that allows them to filter selected important information. The report automatically gets added to a new sheet which is named using the filters selected.

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